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Who We Are

Disrupt, Not Destroy

Technology advancements have always been used to disrupt the status quo and dismantle inefficient systems. But in doing so, it must make the world a better place – for everyone. At the Paanini Foundation, we are focused on how technology can help employees do their jobs more innovatively and how human-machine collaboration can lead to a new paradigm of productivity. The Paanini Foundation’s mission is to prepare employees who may be impacted by AI and automation for the new opportunities that await them.

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What We Do

Automate, Don’t Eliminate

Positions can be eliminated, but not people. Because ‘people’ is all of us. ‘People’ is talent. ‘People’ is potential. ‘People’ is our tomorrow. Our purpose. That’s why the Paanini Foundation is committed to working with the people affected by AI and automation technology to equip them with skills needed to leverage opportunities of an evolving workplace. New, higher order skills mean more effective employees and more innovative organizations.

How We Work

Upskill, Don’t Retire

When technology obviates an old function, it also creates new, more value-added roles. The Foundation employs a partnership approach to upskill employees. It’s a partnership that’s forged between the Foundation and affected employees on one side, and training institutes and universities on the other. That allows us to craft new training programs required to prepare people for emerging opportunities within their own organizations and beyond.

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Paanini Foundation staff and partners are committed to empowering the people affected by AI and automation technology. We offer a collaborative platform which introduces them to new and evolving technologies, training, fellowship and skill development programs, as well as organizations that may be looking for skilled workers.

Our Team

Our amazing team is committed to socially responsible innovation and taking a compassionate approach to disruption. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!
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Get Involved

Collaborate, Don’t Compete

Challenges become easier when we collaborate. So, if you are motivated by the need to take a responsible approach to innovation, we would love to talk with you. We are looking to partner with leading universities, job training services, Human Resources, Research organizations etc. Please feel free to reach us at